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Indian Peaks Veterinary Hospital

Experienced health services for your pet

Thorough check-ups and preventative care can help prevent or identify serious health problems.  We offer a wide range of veterinary services to keep your pets feeling their best:

Wellness Exams and Preventative Care

Routine exams and preventative care are very important for your pet’s health.  The gradual onset of disease in your healthy pet may go unnoticed.  An annual exam is the best way to detect a potential disease early and before it worsens.  Vaccinations and routine dental care also play an important role in disease prevention. An annual blood test and urinalysis are recommended for animals over 6 years of age.  Blood tests can help with the early detection of kidney and liver disease, infection, thyroid disease, cancer, and more.  We provide complete thorough examinations and preventative care for your pet with compassionate care and consideration of your pet’s needs.  We offer complimentary initial exams for your newly adopted pet when you adopt from a rescue group or shelter.

Medical Services

We are a full service animal hospital with a comprehensive range of medical services including wellness and preventative care programs, microchip administration, dentistry, radiology, surgery, and hospitalization.  We also offer daytime emergency care during our office hours (by appointment only) as well as euthanasia and cremation services.  We know your pet is a special member of your family and we want to help with your pet’s health and relieve any pain and discomfort that illness may cause for your loved one.


Our doctors and staff are dedicated to the complete well-being of your pet so we offer spay/neuters, mass removals, laceration repairs, and more.  All anesthetic procedures are performed with the doctor and certified veterinary technicians.  Your pet is closely monitored while under anesthesia and while recovering from surgery. Pre-anesthetic blood tests are recommended before all procedures for all pets. Intravenous (IV) fluids are administered to your pet while they are under anesthesia.  Our technicians ensure the safety and comfort of your pet when they are recovering from surgery.  When your pet is here for surgery, you are welcome to call and check in on your loved one at any point.


Dental cleanings are one of the most common procedures we do and one of the most important.  Dental disease can lead to the loss of teeth, loss of appetite, infections, and heart and kidney disease.  We perform all our dental procedures with the use of general anesthesia.  Pre-anesthetic blood tests are recommended before the procedure for all pets.  During a dental procedure, your pet will have their teeth scaled and polished, dental x-rays performed, and a fluoride treatment.  If there are any questionable teeth or teeth that need to be removed for your pet’s comfort, we are able to perform any extractions at the same time of the cleaning.


We are able to perform and develop radiographs (x-rays) in our facility on any size dog or cat.  Radiographs may be taken with or without sedation, depending upon the area of your pet’s body.  We also have the ability to consult with a board certified veterinary radiologist on any radiographs.  We have access to a mobile board certified veterinary radiologists to come to our office on Tuesdays or Thursdays to perform ultrasound imaging on your pet.  A mobile echocardiologist is also available for echocardiograms performed at our facility (depending on the day).

Laboratory Services

We are able to perform blood tests (including heartworm tests, chemistry panels, hematology panels, and serology panels), urinalysis, and fecal tests.  We can also aspirate a tissue and perform cytology or histopathology on a tissue sample.  We have in-clinic services as well as laboratory services through IDEXX.

Pharmaceutical Services

We have a complete and comprehensive pharmacy allowing us to provide your pet with the medications necessary to treat a wide variety of illnesses and pain or discomfort.

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